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Residential Learning Communities

UW–Madison’s residence halls host several total-immersion learning communities, in which living and learning are connected through social, cultural and educational activities and opportunities. Unique to UW residential learning communities is the opportunity to work one-on-one with faculty and staff.

Students enroll in these communities by indicating them as preferences when they apply for university housing. Bradley Learning Community enrolls only freshmen. The others accept first-year and upper-class students, although all have programs specifically designed for first-year students. Most of these residence halls require an additional fee to support their programs.

Visit the University Housing Web site for more information on residential learning communities.

Bradley Learning Community
Chadbourne Residential College
Entrepreneurial Residential Learning Community (opening in Fall 2008)
International Learning Community
  Stockwerk Deutsch (German)
  Residencia de Estudiantes (Spanish)
  Piazza Italia (Italian)
  Norden (Norwegian, Swedish or Danish)
  Nihongo Hausu (Japanese)
  Baytunaa (Arabic)
Multicultural Learning Community
Summer Collegiate Experience
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